What Is A Fire System Made Of
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What is a fire system made of?

A fire system should be an essential part of any business premises or building, just as they happen in homes. Do you know what a fire alarm and its different accessories are made of? Do you know what types of systems exist?

It is of the utmost importance to know this issue to minimize the chances of a loss like this in our company. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about a fire system.

Types of fire systems

A fire system is composed of a large number of elements that actively intervene in the process. However, before talking about these elements it is important to determine the types of fire systems.

Passive fire systems

Fire protection can be passive and active. The first fire safety system is passive and does not intervene directly in the extinguishing of fire. Rather, its objective is to ensure that the damage and loss inherent in a fire is as little as possible.

This type of fire system better known as Passive Fire Protection is independent. It is not subject to moving elements or connected to any control center. In addition, they need almost no maintenance and their implementation is simpler.

Elements in a passive fire system

The elements involved in this type of fire system are the following:

  • Flame retardant mortars: they allow structural installations to be converted into fire-resistant fireproof material.
  • Intumescent paints: these create a chemical reaction in the presence of fire triggering an extinguishing action that protects the exposed elements.
  • Wall coverings: there are coatings for wood, ceilings and walls that make them resistant to fire.
  • Amplitude of the corridors: it is a strategy that extends to the maximum the time of spread of a fire.

Among the advantages of this type of fire fighting system is that they are widely used, easy to obtain and apply. As a rule, they are incorporated into the construction of homes and businesses to minimize the damage that a fire causes.

Active fire systems

If we have a company, a premises, office or home, we should be interested in having an active fire system. In some of these cases it is mandatory, in others, for the safety of protecting our loved ones and material goods.

In active systems are all those that can alert about the possibility of a fire. Additionally, these are responsible for curbing the fire by preventing its spread. Such active protection minimizes the associated damage that a fire can cause in a company.

Among these is the fire detection system, with alarms and sensors that detect fire signals. There are also fixed extinguishing systems, which can be wet pipe, dry, deluge, pre-action, etc.

What are fire systems made of?

fire network can be developed by implementing one or more systems that work together. Fire alarm systems are composed of smoke detectors, gas detectors, humidity sensors, fire warning levers, voice evacuation systems, among other devices. Its function is to quickly alert about the premise of an imminent fire.

On the other hand, there are the components that act directly in controlling and extinguishing an existing fire. In this group we have fixed extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers, dry columns and other elements that actively participate.

Fire alarm start devices

Its function is to report that there is a type of danger that can degenerate into a fire. They can be manual, such as alarm levers and buttons, or automatic. The latter sends the information to the control panel, which will activate the notification devices.

Fire alarm notification devices

When you pull a starting lever, or activate an alarm detector, the notification devices begin to alert. Alarm notification is noises that indicate the existence of a real emergency. In fact, they usually include accessories such as horns, bells, strobe lights, etc.

Control Panel

It is the brain of fire protection systems. Acts as supervisor and administrator of fire alarm and contingency devices. It has the authority to operate and stop automatic sprinklers in the affected areas where detectors reported alarms.

Power supply

An anti-fire system must be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To do this, it must be connected to the building’s power supply. However, it must have an auxiliary battery system in case the power is cut. This backup power supply must be connected in the control panel.

Fire pumping system

It is made up of the hydropneumatic system, composed of pumps, valves, pipes and other components. They are coupled to a water source and their function is to maintain pressurized water throughout the fire network. The size of the pumps and other equipment will be in accordance with the specifications of the premises where they are installed.

Fire sprinklers

Fire sprinklers, or sprinklers, are an accessory that is part of the oldest fire systems. They are connected to pressurized water pipes and are activated when the control panel alerts about a fire. They discharge a considerable amount of water over a wide area of action, putting out or controlling the fire to be put out by other means.

Fire detectors

In this group are smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, temperature, humidity, infrared, etc. They are responsible, as the name suggests, for detecting a fire in its initial stage.

Fire extinguishers

They are portable elements loaded with different types of substances capable of extinguishing a fire. There are several types depending on the type of fire, including chemical powder, CO2 and special for type D fire. It is important that its maintenance is up to date for its correct operation.

Fire assault ladders

Fire or assault ladders are elements of wide practicality when it comes to fighting moderate and sudden fires manually. They are portable ladders capable of folding through steel hinges, making it possible to easily transport them anywhere.

These ladders can be used easily and quickly and must be part of the fire system of any company, although they are only used by the fire department. In addition to their use to address a fire through fire extinguishers, they are a valuable tool for performing evacuations.

Having quality equipment is going hand in hand with safety

To face an accident such as a fire, it is necessary to have reliable teams, which respond at the right time.

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