Types of automatic garage doors
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Types of automatic garage doors

According to the needs we can find there are different types of automatic garage doors. Depending on the opening, the way of opening, the use, etc. These are the automatic garage doors you will find.

Sliding automatic garage doors

Automatic sliding doors need more facade for installation, so they are usually installed in fences and large areas of passage since sufficient space must be available so that the automatic garage door can make the complete opening path

They move from one side to the other, opening or closing the entrance by rails through which the lower wheels of the automatic door run, and upper guides that serve to keep it upright.

They are very common as access gates to the house and are easily automated .

For the automation of a sliding automatic door, a motor suitable for the weight of the door, a rack bolted to the gate and photoelectric closing and limit stops are necessary.

automatic garage doors

Swing automatic garage doors

This type of garage swing doors are in high demand for residential buildings or office garages for garages , and like the swing automatic doors these can be found with one or two leaves that rise towards the roof, when opening, a part the automatic garage door goes out during the journey until it is aligned with the roof.

Tilting automatic garage engines are placed on these automatic garage doors that, depending on the weight of the door, will have more or less strength . These motors are installed at the top fixed to the ceiling or on the side near the door.

Tilting automatic garage doors can be found in different materials such as stainless steel, imitation wood, wrought iron, iron and normally these doors are opened by a remote control.

The tilt motors for garage of Garage Doors Newcastle are prepared with manual unlocking to open the door when an emergency or loss of power does not allow to open it with the control to enter or to leave.

The advantage of these models is that they take full advantage of the space.

Batient automatic garage doors

The automatic folding doors are those in which a swinging arm is installed that allows the door to be opened at an angle of 90ยบ, they can be of one or two leaves , which allows its adaptation to different spaces.

The most frequent materials for swing automatic doors are galvanized, aluminum, steel, imitation wood, etc.

Garage Doors Newcastle are operated by a garage remote control but in case of emergency or power outage they can be opened or closed manually.

Automatic garage doors

Automatic doors rollable

This type of roll-up automatic door is an excellent option because it saves a lot of space, works through a remote control and is a very common automatic door for semi-detached houses that have more limited space . Its installation is very simple.

The most frequent finishes for rolling doors are galvanized, aluminum, steel, imitation wood, etc.

They are used for the enclosure of premises, but they also serve as access doors to garages. They are mounted on side rails and a powerful upper shaft on which the door is rolled. The axle can be fitted with specific motors to wind and unwind the door automatically.

They have a certain similarity to the sectional ones and their operation is very similar to that of a roller blind.

All automatic garage doors or gates need a nearby electrical connection to make all connections.

Recommended accessories for an automatic garage door

Next, we detail the most recommended accessories for doors and gates, some of these elements provide greater security to the automatic garage door :

  • Garage Doors Newcastle remote control.
  • Photocells or sensors that detect obstacles in opening or closing.
  • Anti-crush stop system.
  • Luminous flashing during opening and closing.
  • Electric locks with keyhole.