How To Attract More Traffic To Your Website From Social Networks?
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How to attract more traffic to your website from social networks?

There are many ways to attract visitors to your website, and perhaps one of the best ways is to do it through social networks. If you want to attract more traffic to your website (we know that the answer will be affirmative if you have one) stay to read these Tips to get more social participation and traffic.

Tips to attract traffic from social networks

Link your website from all your social networks

This would be the first step to send traffic to your website from your social networks.

To attract traffic from your social networks to your website, optimize your social profiles including in each of them a direct link to your site .

Also, depending on the social network you use and the associated strategy, you can publish specific links in the feed to your content or most relevant products at any time. Here the role of content marketing is undoubtedly the main one.

Link your website from all your social networks

Make your content easy to share

Is the content of your blog easy to share? This basic advice is key to increasing traffic from social networks. Not only what you share with your audience on social networks will be seen. You can also reach users who are not yet part of your community who may want to share it with their contacts. Make it easy!

To make it easier for users to share your content, add buttons on your website to share in each of your articles or products.

If you work with the CMS par excellence, it is as simple as installing the WordPress plugin that best suits your website.

Make your content easy to share

Optimize the highlights of your articles

The content must be easy to share and also attractive once it has been shared. How many times have you shared a post from a website and a simple line of text has appeared? Or perhaps, the images were not adapted to the format of the social network in which they were shared and appear cut or deformed.

Optimize the thumbnails and titles of all your posts to share them on social networks.

Make sure that this will not happen by generating a cover of your post adapted to each social network and let your CMS know. Again, if you work with WordPress, you can do it with a plugin.

Optimize the highlights of your articles

Install social login on your website

If you want your website to benefit from the power of online communities, install the login through social networks.

  • The advantage for the user is clear: Quicker when registering to comment on your blog or log in to your account of your online store.
  • For the owner of the website: Greater possibilities of interaction with users and greater awareness of the company’s social presence.

It is undoubtedly one of the best relationships between social networks and a website. And it is especially useful in the case of online stores.

Install social login on your website

Use the Facebook Chatbot

If your website has a customer service channel via chat, you will want to replicate its multiple benefits in your social networks. Facebook makes it very easy with the widget that offers for Messenger.

The operation of the Facebook chatbot is the same as the customer service chat of a website. Even, with greater benefits.

Its great advantage: if the user has a conversation with the brand or business through the Facebook bot, he must subscribe to the Facebook Messenger communications. That is, the company has permission to obtain contact information and track the prospect.

Every time someone talks to you through the site’s chat, you will automatically get a new Facebook Messenger contact, which is a great advantage, since Facebook hosts a large amount of information.

Use the Facebook Chatbot

Use Click To Tweet in your blog posts

Twitter is one of the best strategies you can use in your content marketing.

Do not hesitate to include the click to tweet button in your articles to highlight the most important parts of the article and make it easier for users to share your content.

This functionality allows users to share almost without thinking an attractive content of your post in the form of an appointment that is previously prepared. You will only have to click, and the phrase, the image, the title and the link to your website will appear automatically in your twitter feeds.

social networks

Do not forget to enable comments on your blog

Finally, do not forget the power of the comments. By enabling comments in the post content, users will be interacting on your website. You will know your users better, and the content will be enriched. If the conversation is interesting, the users themselves will recommend their friends to join the conversation.

enable comments on your blog

We hope that these 7 tips will help you to get more traffic from social networks. Do you have any additional advice that you use in your website or values ​​as a user? 

Mayur Bhatt
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