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Tips for choosing the perfect diamond ring

Every February 14 many couples promise each other in our country (and in many others) so at this point there are more than one and one who is sweating Chinese ink thinking of the ring.It is possible that you have already given away diamond rings before and you have the theme super controlled, if so, I can do nothing else but envy you congratulations.

But it is also possible that the diamond ring you want to give to your partner to ask them to marry you is the first one you are going to buy.In this case it may give you a little bit of a thing to approach a jewelry store without having a clue about diamonds. Believe me, you are not the only one (or the only one) to whom it happens.

To help you out first, I’m going to give you some basic notions about diamonds, and then I’ll give you 5 tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring .It is an article that has cost me a lot to write, because I am dying of envy, so I hope you appreciate it and it will help you;).

Quick guide to choosing the ideal diamond ring :

There are 4 characteristics that determine the quality of a diamond: size, color, purity and weight . These 4 characteristics are internationally recognized and are known by the name of the 4Cs.Let’s see them one by one:

diamond ring
diamond ring

Size :

The size is the most important characteristic when selecting a diamond since it directly influences its beauty. For those who do not understand diamonds, the most common is to confuse the size with the size of the diamond because we usually relate it to the sizes of the clothes, but it has nothing to do with it.In the case of diamonds, the cut tells us about the “sparkles” , the sparkles for which this gem is so well known.

So that we understand each other: the more a diamond shines the higher the quality of its cut , and the more “matte” you appreciate it, the lower its quality. The quality of the cut depends on the cut, symmetry and polishing of the diamond. That is, it is not an inherent characteristic of the diamond, but depends on the gemologist who works with the rough piece.

In this drawing you can see some of the best known diamond carvings  made by the gemologist. The most common diamond cuttings are: Brilliant, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Marquise, Pear, Oval and Heart.

Color :

It is the simplest feature to appreciate and the easiest to understand: the greater the absence of color a diamond has, the higher its quality.There is a classification of diamonds depending on their color:

Look at the letters because they indicate the classification of your diamond. The lowest quality diamonds are those with a yellowish color.However, don’t believe that all yellow diamonds are a horror. There are exceptions, such as this marvel of a  pear-cut yellow diamond ring  surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds  from Tiffany & Co  that if you give me right now gives me something.

Purity :

Surely many people will not agree with me, but in my view purity is the least important characteristic of a diamond. It refers to the small imperfections – also known as inclusions – that the diamond has naturally . When I speak of small  I am referring to tiny imperfections, which are generally not visible to the naked eye.Undoubtedly, if you have a very high budget, it is a characteristic to take into account, but if not, I would not give it much importance.This is the classification of diamonds based on their purity . Again look at the letters because they are directly related to the purity of the diamond.

Weight :

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats (qt) . The heavier a diamond the more carats it will have. Do you want to know how many grams the 2 carat diamond weighing you in jewelry is weighing? You can calculate it taking into account that 1 carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams . Note: do not confuse the carat weight of the diamond with its size. A diamond of more carats is not always bigger than another, it depends on the size. For example, at equal carats, an Oval cut diamond may be larger than a Princess cut.1 carat Oval and Princess cut diamonds from Tiffany & CoNow that you know the most important characteristics of diamonds, I give you

5 tips for choosing the perfect diamond ring :

1. Check your girlfriend’s jewelry box. See what types of diamond ring he likes. Do you prefer small or large jewelry? Modern or vintage cuts? Do you like jewelry with a single gem or with several?

2. Ask someone who knows you well for advice. Her sister or best friend can be your allies, but make sure they are discreet and don’t spoil the surprise!

3. Make a list of jewelry stores and take a look at their websites. Generally they usually publish the price of each ring so you can pre-select those that fit your budget.

4. Like shoes, rings have a number. To get the number that your girl uses, look in her jewelry box for a ring that she usually uses on her diamond ring finger (the one next to the little one;)) and take it with you to the jewelry store, there they will tell you what number it corresponds to.

5. If you do not have a budget to buy the ring you would like, why not check your family’s jewelry box? Maybe the perfect ring is waiting for you there (yes, you have the consent of your mother or she will become a terrible mother-in-law!).

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