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The advantages of Protection Barriers for infrastructures

In warehouses and storage areas, subjected to the continuous passage of vehicles, machines and people, the risk of impacts is very high. Safety Barriers offers you a complete range for the protection of shelves, pedestrian fences, protection barriers and guard posts to avoid accidents and damage to structures and warehouse facilities.

The movement of vehicles and handling machines within a warehouse can be dangerous. Whether or not you are equipped with a fork, the collision of a machine against a wall can, in fact, cause material damage as well as human damage. Therefore, it is essential to install a physical protection barrier in order to avoid damage that can be caused by vehicles.

Verge Safety Barriers proposes arches, skirting boards, and protection barriers to secure infrastructures and protect facilities against blows from machines and vehicles. Our facility protection devices offer several advantages:
  • Available in different formats (arches, skirting boards, protection barriers ), they adapt to the area to be protected both in height and length.
  • Robust and resistant, they stop the forks and absorb the weight and speed of the vehicles . They offer optimal protection against collisions between vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Yellow and black , they draw the attention of users to possible dangers.

Buying guide – Barriers, arches and protective skirting

Barriers and arches of protection.

Corner Protection Guards (Steel) designed to protect property and  machinery. · Barriers Direct

Very resistant and made up of a cylindrical tube made from a single piece, the protection arches protect passageways or facilities against collisions from machines and vehicles. Its yellow and black colors also make it possible to mark pedestrian areas. The corner protection arches and vertical protection arches for pipes make it possible to secure all types of areas and installations in warehouses and factories. The lengths of the protection arches range from 375 mm to 1000 mm to adapt to different types of infrastructure to be protected.

How to install the protection arches? For installation on the ground or on surfaces it is necessary to have plates or plugs. The difference between the installation of barriers and guardrails is that the barriers are modular and multiple barriers can be aligned one after the other to create a separation of the desired length.

Protection skirting barriers

Skirting Protection 400 mm Skirting Corner/Shelf Protection Barrier Impact  Protection, Shelving Barrier: DIY & Tools

The baseboards on the floor barriers protect walls and certain installations against shock hazards maintenance equipment such as lift trucks and carts. Thanks to their yellow and black colors, they are easily visible and prevent tripping.

How to install protective skirting barriers? Easy to install by fixing to the ground, most protective skirting barriers are modular, to create an easily adapted skirting barrier it is enough to place or install them side by side to achieve the desired length and shape.

Complementary products – Protection barriers

Verge Safety Barriers proposes other safety devices to limit risks near infrastructures: metal protection corners , modular column protectors or also a range of material and site signs .

In the same way, pedestrian barriers make it possible to protect people inside a warehouse and to mark the paths dedicated to pedestrians.

To ensure the safety of employees in warehouses, discover our solutions for marking warehouse floors in order to visually delimit the different routes of circulation. You can also consult our page on marking and risk prevention in the warehouse .

Floor protection metal corners

Wall/Floor Protection | OMC Technologies

Protect your doors from possible dangers caused by machines.

  • Ideal for fire doors, a warehouse and a cold room.
  • 6 mm thick steel angles that guarantee excellent resistance.
  • They minimize and avoid costly repairs and maintenance of your equipment

Modular column protector Parflex

Parflex Modular Column Protector | Seton

The effective solution to protect your pillars.

  • Modular post protector.
  • 4 90 ° angle posts with 3 bars each.
  • For columns from Ø 200 mm to 700 mm, simply cut the bars to the desired length.

Construction material and signage

In areas where works are being carried out, it is essential to maintain the safety of users, whether they are construction employees, pedestrians and drivers. Therefore, it is mandatory to have site equipment adapted to the different spaces.

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At Safety Guard Rails Sydney we have gathered everything you need to carry out effective on-site signage: signage inside or outside of crowds, mobile or temporary signage, for vehicles or for marking the ground … No matter what your needs, you can find in our different categories of construction material, all the useful equipment for your work.