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Preparing Your Motorbike Spares Vehicle For Winter Tips From

A vehicle and motorbike spares its systems require special attention during the cold season. Many of the vehicle’s components and systems work under extra effort, so they can break suddenly. To prevent this, we are going to give you some tips to prepare your car for winter.

What Should You Check Motorbike Spares Before The Cold Starts?

Given the significant decrease in chemical reactions with the cold, the battery capacity is between 20 and 50% less. This problem is further complicated because the charge on the battery increases in winter, because a number of devices are turned on. Furthermore, starting the engine requires several times more energy. An old battery could fail to do its job. For this reason, you should check its condition, preferably in a workshop. It may need to be recharged, or a desolation of the plates may need to be performed. If the battery is exhausted, then it must be replaced.

It is recommended to choose AGM batteries with gelled electrolyte. They are more resistant to vibrations and more efficient when operating at low temperatures. Remember: in winter even new batteries need to be recharged repeatedly with the help of a special charger.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Starter and Alternator

If the starter motor has failed , then the battery will discharge even faster. The causes of an underperforming alternator can come from a battery with a lack of charge, causing detachments of the active mass and sulphation of the plates.

The alternator belt, its tension, should be checked regularly. A cracked, worn, oily, or loose strap is the most common reason for a low battery charge.

Air Filter

Driving comfort is highly dependent on the temperature inside the vehicle. We must make sure that the heating or the air conditioning is working properly, to protect us from the cold in the cabin. To check, you have to check that the tubes are intact, so you can make sure that the pump and condenser are working properly and that the vents or radiator are not blocked. It is better that the diagnosis is made by professionals.

It is recommended to replace the cabin filter before winter begins. If it is obstructed, proper air circulation is prevented, which can often cause the windows to fog. This problem is especially important in winter, due to the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Bike Seals

If they are worn, motorbike spares it will be cold and humidity will appear inside the passenger compartment. A high level of humidity can cause oxidation in the car. Also, the door could freeze against the door step. For this reason, the rubber elements should be replaced, in case the seals are perceived to be cracked or hardened, strange noises are heard in the passenger compartment or certain creaking sounds are heard when coming from the door when It is driven by an uneven pavement.

The seals should be treated with a special silicone grease from time to time, to protect them from changes in temperature, frost and humidity.

Body And Bottom Panels

Temperature changes, thawing, snow, dirt motorbike spares and water have a destructive effect on the suspension and body. In the spring, many spots of corrosion can be found on parts where there were small scratches and cracks. This is why even the smallest defects must be repaired in time, especially before the cold. The underside of the car must be treated with a special anti-corrosion compound. The nicks should be painted. For the body, plates made from polymers are available on the market. Not only do they make the surface shine, they also form a protective film on it.

If you store your car in a garage, be careful with the temperature, if the temperature in the garage is considerably higher than the ambient temperature: in hot weather, the defrost products begin to react faster with the car’s lacquer.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Bike Cleaning And Motorbike Spares Washing System

In winter, the windows are susceptible to getting dirty, due to the effect of snow and sleet. For this reason, the windscreen washers and windscreen wipers must work perfectly. Be sure to check that the injectors are not clogged and make sure that the rubber parts of the wiper blades have not hardened or cracked. Top up with antifreeze if necessary.

In the cold season, choose winter windshield wipers. The rubber parts are made of a special material that repels water and does not lose its motorbike spares elasticity at temperatures below zero degrees. Its metallic elements are replaced by others made of plastic, which have a lower tendency to freeze or carry special coverage. Some models of wipers have a built-in heating system, which prevents their components from freezing against the surface of the windshield.

Glow plugs

In the event of a fault, they can cause difficulties in starting the engine. Sometimes this completely disables engine starting.

If one connector motorbike spares stops working, it is very possible that the rest will follow and break down soon. For this reason, these spare parts must be replaced as a whole.

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