Performing a Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
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Performing a Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

We’re going to do all this as we go through now this is also where I’m going pre-purchase building inspections to start the dishwasher this is today we’re just doing this in a training video they’re not ready to run this right now just to save water we’re not going to actually run it but I do run every one where we’re doing this and I explain to my clients that we’re really not testing the appliance you know any built in is part of the standards.

But most of them were using just to load test the timber pest inspections building inspections newcastle house check the plumbing for leaks things like that so we use this to check the plumbing system now we don’t like to see anything over a four inch opening here these are quite large so definitely you know a safety hazard for small children I’m also going to have a note that the basement still reeling is missing.

The other thing these are not graspable lead to the house they weren’t required Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

but I’m going to talk to my client about doing some upgrades as long as we’re standing right here this acoustic ceiling is a pumps that could easily be as bestest Pre-Purchase Building Inspections we are expert witness inspections not asbestos inspectors have part of our most people don’t do it I do tell and I do create my report that due to the age of the house.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

This may contain asbestos and that before they scrape but they should haven’t tested just be very pool expert witness inspections certification careful Robert okay coming upstairs first thing I see is this right here let’s smoke detector is yellow they do make them out of a resin that turns yellow on purpose that’s one of the ways we can do both detectors are good for eight to ten years than that my recommendation is going to be a super fire safety commission.

They recommend a smoke detector these better luck in common area level house smokes are good for eight to ten years so that’s what my report shows Colorado has the solar asked to pool certification provide Pre-Purchase Building Inspections a CO detector than foot of its sleeping spa certification area I’m going to look for that but again I’m going to refer to the Consumer Product Safety Commission because they recommend when it’s finished level of the house.

So my notes going to say at this point unless I see one in the bedrooms that they do not have coming into the bathroom we’re only going to spa certification Pre-Purchase Building Inspections one bathroom today we want to give them the defect inspections house back but of course when you do the home inspection you’d inspectors first thing I do is just kind of come in and give the toilet a nudge.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

I don’t want to rip it out of the floor defect Pre-Purchase Building Inspections but I do want to see if it’s loose a lot of times they’ll Rock a lot of times they’ll move whenever I see that I tell them the defect reports wax you’ll make it turn the water on I check your drain stopper I let that run a while see what our hot water temperature comes to we never want to see it above degrees.

We start seeing a lot of steam roll off that as my indication it might be too hot look in here you know we got some discolored caulking it’s black you know we’re not mold inspectors it could dilapidation inspections it be mold yes if it’s not sampled I can’t tell them that I can definitely say defect reports hey this is all deteriorated should really be stripped it should be cleaned and it should be rethought Pre-Purchase Building Inspections. now what I’m looking for under here is to make sure we have a proper p-trap

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