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Performing a Pest Inspections

We have an electrical panel now first thing I always do is tug on this make sure Pest Inspections somebody hasn’t cut or compromised our Excel tech utility check here we have an older panel it is a split bus which means these four up here are for our two s this one actually shuts off this first thing you want to do is always brush.

It to make sure that it’s not hot not live okay I always get inhabited use a pin for this so that I don’t actually touch something that’s going to hurt me but part of our industry standards is Pest Inspection Sydney supposed to know what we have for electrical wiring here we can see it’s copper here we can see some aluminum for our.

We still use that today here I’m going to check we have fourteen gauge wire and so we have fifteen amp breakers here we have gauge wire and we have twenty Malta’s Rental Inspection so we do have that’s not currently in use maybe somebody had a hot tub it’s hard to say but you know it is a pretty full panel there are a couple things down here there’s no legend up here it’s missing.

Pest Inspections

So when I write this up I’m going to say Brit amperage not determined because we have no main breaker Strata Inspection I happen to know what size this is but I’m not going to put up my report just in case somebody has any questions but here if you come over to this side you’re going to see we have aluminum wiring this right here looks like a cop loom crimp.

Which means that they have had some work done on it but if you just look right here you’re going to see all these shrink wraps it looks like it’s copper you need to look especially when you consider the Defect Reports age of the house you know Colorado we used alumina extensively from to about we’ve even seen it back in the early s but it’s not that common so I’m going to have a note in my report.

That says there’s been documented problems associated with luminol wine recommend they get it completely evaluated although I’m going to talk to Maintenance Reports my client tell them it looks like they’ve had the cup of them crimps done which is a good repair actually here there’s a sticker that says when that was done was done and it was done by the aluminum repair Inc company.

pest inspections
Pest Inspections

I think that’s Alex company but they should be able to get some documentation on that to make sure it was all done their insurance company may require that I always make sure you close it completely make sure you get it tight for a waterproof Colorado is one of the few jurisdictions you’re going to find electrical panel outside we typically don’t see a lot of problems with it I know a lot of people think is not but it does work out here and we don’t have to take into your space to do it.

Now I will mention to my clients this is not a frost free hose faucet if they’re going to do any upgrades that would be a good idea otherwise in the winter Expert Witness Reports this should be turned off so then we don’t have freeze problems coming over here I’m looking at this spot the gradients not great we’re a little bit negative I’m looking at this mulch right here this is old mulch this is new mulch I liked at least kick it a little bit and see what I see underneath it okay when I’ve seen nothing I just keep moving

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