Keys to hiring movers newcastle for your moving company

Keys to hiring movers newcastle for your best moving company

Your movers newcastle your drivers your helpers are not only the face of the company but they’re really the heart of the company right because when a customer calls and they want a professional movers newcastle.

They don’t really care who you have any office they don’t really care what your back-end system is like all they care is that they want professionals to show up and do a good job for them right.

So that’s really all that matters to them now we all know that there’s a lot that goes into making that possible and that the whole office is involved in making that happen it’s you know it’s a team sport but at the end of the day you don’t have good movers going out to do the job.

You’re not going to have a good movers newcastle period all right so I want to give you five keys to hiring movers newcastle for your moving company all right because it’s something that I’ve heard from people they say have a really hard time in my market.

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You know there’s a shortage of drivers as a shortage of movers newcastle it’s really hard it’s competitive and I just want to give you five things to be focused on the five keys to hiring movers newcastle that are going to help you get them and bring them in because you know what at the end of the day.

If you’re able to sell more moves if you’re able to book more moves you need to be able to get more movers newcastle to service them all right so the first thing you need to do and it might sound obvious but make hiring movers newcastle a priority all right.

I recently heard from someone who said I’m really having a really hard time hiring movers sorry well what are you doing what’s the process like and there really wasn’t much of a process because they already had it in their head that they can’t find movers newcastle

they’re already convinced that it’s a difficult process so it wasn’t a priority right if it’s sorted of movers is what’s causing you and not be able to book more moves you need to make that a priority if the reason that you can grow your business like if you have sales.

And you have the marketing and everything is under control but you’re slowing down the amount of moves that you’re because you don’t have the movers newcastle to cover it you need to make that a priority you need to put somebody in charge of it.

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And the next thing you need to do is create what I call a mover recruiting process all right you need to lay out step by step the things that you need to do every single time you need movers newcastle the actions that you’re going to take all right.

You’re going to place an ad all right write out that ad what does that look like you need a compelling ad you need something that’s going to describe you know don’t just say we’re hiring movers newcastle.

Here’s the price really listed out tell them about the job tell them about your company all right make it compelling when they call you all right have a phone interview that’s very compelling listen you’re not only.

You know you’re not doing anybody a favor by giving them a job remember that you know a lot of times I speak to company owners and they feel like they’re doing somebody a favor like Oh people out there need a job.

They should be happy to have a job no you know they have options where they could go work and they want to go work for a movers company that they feel good about too so if you want to hire the right movers newcastle you need to make sure they feel good about you too all right.