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Instagram shopping app testing

Selected brands can use the Instagram shopping app as a trial in the US. The direct sale should facilitate the way to conversion.

If you’re on Instagram, brands will be regularly presenting products that are suitable for your purchase. The brands especially want to bring the short-determined to conversion.

The platform now helps them with the checkout for shopping. More than 20 brands are currently testing the feature in the US, where users can buy products without leaving the app.

Checkout should make the Instagram Shopping App feature even more lucrative

Instagram Shopping App has become a real showcase for users. For brands, on the other hand, the feature is very valuable, as it can always present the right products to users in the most popular social media when it comes to lifestyle, fashion, etc.

With Instagram Shopping App in the Stories, the popular feature also came into the stories last year, the format that has been gathering more and more visitors for several years. Every month, a good 130 million Instagram types on product tags in the posts at Instagram Shopping App , and the trend is rising.

Instagram Shopping App should also work so well on Instagram because it embeds products in the context of content relevant to users. However, those who are actively looking for products can also head directly to the Instagram Shopping App channel in the “Discover” area.

Now the company has announced a test phase for the checkout in the app. This means that products can be bought by brands, without having to leave the app. Such an integrated checkout benefits the brands.

Although the users are not directed to their e-commerce shop so; but the opportunity for immediate conversion should still be able to increase sales through the smooth running of the purchase intention to the end of the purchase.

Instagram shopping app testing

The checkout: Adidas, Burberry, H & M and Co. are testing the feature

Among the testers try out the checkout in the US which includes renowned brands such as Adidas and Dior, H & M and Burberry, Michael Kors, Nike and Zara.

Also, are Anastasia Beverly Hills, Balmain, ColourPop Huda Beauty, Beauty NPP, Kylie Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, NARS, NYX Cosmetics, Oscar de la Renta, Outdoor Voices, Ouai Hair, Prada, Revolve, Uniqlo, and Warby Parker.

With Instagram shopping app but also smaller brands that would hardly be discovered without social media such as Instagram, sell their products. And with the In-App Checkout, this is even easier. Especially with online shopping, the user likes it uncomplicated and will be happy to be able to complete the purchase within the app.

Users can deposit their payment information securely and centrally in the app. This allows them to buy the products of the favoured brands without being signed in multiple times, which are perceived as appealing. Also, the payment data does not have to be entered many times. At the moment, users can pay via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Instagram shopping app testing

Anyone who taps on a product marking sees in the test the button for the “Checkout on Instagram.” After clicking on it, you can optionally select colours and sizes for the product.

Then the payment process follows and then within the app notifications for shipping and delivery are provided. Users only need to enter their name, email address, payment information and shipping address once when making their first purchase. All your data will then be saved for a more comfortable purchase the next time.

Currently, the Instagram Checkout is still in the closed beta phase and is only available in the US and for selected brands. However, other companies should gradually integrate and offer with Shopify, BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, CommerceHub and other partners further models for fast conversion. The payments are always processed in cooperation with PayPal.

With the new Shoppable Posts, Facebook is now directly affecting consumers’ daily consumer behaviour […] With this’ direct to consumer ‘approach, the company attacks the Amazon head-on and at the same time weakens the position of retailers in the existing e-commerce value chain. In particular, poorly positioned retailers will suffer from Instagram shopping and sell to companies that have experience with Instagram and can respond to the new offer with agility. Profiteers are, on the one hand, brands and retailers who know how to address users authentically in the feedthrough inspiring and emotion-driven content – for example from the living or fashion sector – and, of course, the influencers who will open up a new large source of revenue here.

The model of the In-App Checkout is likely, after a major rollout, not only for the tens of millions of shoppers on Instagram for more comfort but also for better conversion rates and sales of the advertising brands.

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