Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing

Influencers like me offer more than classic advertising

  • For three years influencer post content on the internet and get money for it
  • What looks simple means a lot of preparation and responsibility
  • Only authentic and transparent content creates real added value

When I posted my first photo on Instagram more than three years ago, I did not think I’d ever make a buck out of it, or get products from companies for free. The first postings initially served my motivation and self-esteem. If I got the recognition for my new hobby in my circle of friends only conditionally, I reaped in the social media world significantly more words of praise and likes.

The cause for me was clear from the beginning: Do you have people in your circle of friends, at work, at school or at university with the most diverse interests and priorities sitting around a table, so bundle in the social media world Various interests: Fashion, food, travel, gaming or fitness are just a few of these different areas. I opted for fitness and food.

influencer marketing

What I advertise is gladly bought

Due to regularly uploaded content, the number of followers increased, and after a while, I received the first inquiries from companies regarding possible cooperation.

At first, I did not think that the interaction between cooperation partners, followers and I would be so challenging. Over two years ago, I was convinced that it would be “relatively easy” and “totally cool” to post sponsored products or services in the form of a picture or video.

Over time, I realized that as the number of followers increased, so did their responsibilities. The followers or the community attached importance to my word and my deeds. If I keep the product “XY” in the camera or let myself be photographed with a product “Abc,” then the community will perceive it at any time and will gladly buy it.

 influencer marketing

Full-time influencer job allows me independence

As an influencer, you always have to be aware of this responsibility with every post and every statement. Is that easy? No, not at all. After all, companies are prepared to pay a lot of money for individual contributions.

Because of my full-time job, I’m in the lucky situation of not having to rely on any cooperation to pay my rent and bills. An important prerequisite for rejecting offers that do not suit me and my account.

While I do not know how long influencer marketing will work or when and if something new will come, I strongly believe that HONEST and TRANSPARENT influencer marketing will add value to companies, consumers/followers/ communities and influencers, Personally, I even think of a higher value than traditional advertising in print, TV or radio.

Jeremy Dawes
Founder of Jezweb, an award winning website design and internet marketing business based in beautiful Newcastle, Australia. Follow me @jeremydawes