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Child barrier and safety gates

safety gates Today on the market there are many options for safety gates for children. However, on our site, you will find a unique product – baby partitions that you will not find anywhere else. We offer a unique barrier-constructor, making a partition from which you will not give your child a small playpen, but a real safe playground. In addition, you can easily install a security barrier on a doorway or other dangerous places.

Also, our wooden child barrier can be used as a safety gate like a partition. Children’s barrier, safety gates, wickets, partition walls – all this can be done from our unique construction set.

safety gates

You can make several types of partitions and safety gates:

  • Gate for children. A child barrier of this type usually consists of a section with a door, which is also a gate for children. Having made a children’s barrier with it, you can block dangerous places. Such security gates will usually be attached to the wall using a special bracket. In some cases, in order not to drill the walls, the child safety gates can be installed on special legs.
  • Child safety barrier. It acts as a protective barrier, fencing off the children’s play area. Such a partition can also include a gate-gate so that adults do not have to step over the safety barrier.

So, by combining together a gate for children (a wicket) and a child safety barrier from any number of sections, you can design partitions for children of any size and shape.

Do you need a barrier to block off part of the room?

Let’s say you need to make a child barrier for part of the room. In this case, you can buy a child barrier with a safety gates (i.e. a wicket), the required number of sections (to create a fence of the required length), as well as legs for the section or a bracket (to stabilize the structure). A partition of 2-3 sections and a safety gate can create a large enough barrier to protect the children’s play area.

Do you want a child barrier or a large safety gate?

If you want to give children a barrier-partition, in which there will be a lot of play space, you can order a child safety barrier from a large number of sections (5-10 sections), as well as a gate for them. Having made such a barrier, you can fence off a space of any size, giving the child a real playground instead of a small arena.

Safety barrier for fencing objects and openings in the room

Do you want to barrier the cabinet with your favorite expensive TV? For this, a barrier of 3-4 sections (with or without gates) will be sufficient. At the same time, the child will be able to move freely throughout the room, and the barrier will protect both the child and the TV.

Similarly, you can create a partition for an arch without doors, making a safety gates only from a section-wicket attached to the wall. Such a partition will prevent the child from moving between rooms.

On our site there are many pictures, examples of the use of our safety gates partitions.

In addition, you can always contact us and ask any question, we will be happy to help you.

Mayur Bhatt
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