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Buying building materials is an integral part of any repair or construction work, which can be found in more detail here . In 2019, buying building materials is much easier than it was before. So, for example, if you use the online store online store, you can very quickly buy almost any items, one way or another related to repair and construction. Using the online store online store, you can very quickly find one or another building material of interest, as well as a tool that will help solve the problem.

What building materials are available in the online store?

As for the varieties of building materials in the catalog, the online store includes a lot of different names. Popular building materials that people buy are:

  • Special mixtures connecting elements of building product. This includes glue and various adhesives. There is glue for wallpaper, plastic, etc.
  • Bricks: red, white and other varieties.
  • Various types of sand.
  • Plaster for leveling walls.
  • Plasterboard for cladding the interior of the living space.
  • Building product for interior flooring.
  • Various fasteners, such as screws, dowels and everything connected with them.
  • Mixes for floor putty.
  • Special protective mixtures that are applied to various surfaces and materials in order to protect them from fungus, mold and rot.
  • Special waterproof grout for bathrooms and swimming pools.
building materials

How to order building product using the online store?

The online store online store works 24 hours and 7 days a week, carrying out high-quality delivery of building materials. To date, you can order delivery throughout Moscow.


Using the official website of the online store online store you can very quickly find all the necessary building materials, thereby providing yourself with the necessary conditions to complete the tasks without losing time. The official website has an extended catalog that you should definitely use. Through it, you can order almost any building material with home delivery