towing service

Best towing service included in my car insurance coverage?

Who has never had a problem on the road? All drivers know towing service how important it is to have good travel assistance offered by our insurance company,

important coverage of car insurance

Insurance company to help us solve any breakdown or accident that we may have on the road. One of the most important aids that this assistance offers us.

towing service

towing service in car insurance

Most of the car insurances that we can contract offer us travel assistance, but it is important that drivers inform ourselves about what specific characteristics this coverage has in each policy. In fact, some companies offer us the possibility of hiring extra unlimited towing coverage, which gives us peace of mind when driving.

why do we need towing?

The towing service that offers us the travel assistance coverage of many car insurance policies, guarantees the transfer of the vehicle from any point in Spain to the nearest workshop to our house, as long as it cannot be repaired the same day.

 Other roadside assistance service

Towing service for a damaged or accident vehicle is part of the roadside assistance coverage offered by our automobile insurance policy. This coverage also includes other benefits, such as the repair of small breakdowns in the same place of the breakdown or the transport of the passengers of the injured car, among others.

The travel assistance coverage  offers you a towing and assistance service from Km 0. In short, a complete automobile insurance policy offers us the peace of mind that we will be assisted on the road whenever we have any incident during our transport.